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Banya (open for bookings)

Eastern European Sauna Therapies


What is Banya?

In Slavic culture, Banya is as a special place where four major nature’s elements align to heal and recharge the human body and mind. They are water, fire, earth and air. There is also a fifth element in which the sauna master works with these elements and direct energy flow. Our sauna therapies focus on relieving mental stress and body tensions, build a healthy immune system response, exercise cardiovascular pathways and generally, make you feel relaxed and reinvigorated by taking away accumulated negative energies.

Banya’s distinctive features include a wood-fired stove, steam heat and authentic sauna massage therapies using bundles of leafy tree twigs called “Veniki”. It is a different experience to the dry or contemporary infra-red saunas that dominate Australia today.

Health Benefits

Traditionally, people used Banya not only for its health benefits, but as part of the overall lifestyle. There were not many studies conducted on the effects on health of regular going to traditional Slavic Banya. In fact, many locals say that Banya is good in itself and does not need any scientific studies.

The most studied effect of regular sauna use is on cardiovascular health. It reduces risk of high blood pressure, stroke and memory diseases. Regular sauna (at least 4 times a week) can halve the risk of death from cardiovascular disease or coronary heart disease.

Some other documented beneficial effects of regular sauna bathing includes:

  • Reduced effect of pulmonary diseases including asthma, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;

  • Improved cholesterol balance;

  • Reduced effect of depression and psychological stress, improved sleep and relaxation, switching off from a busy lifestyle;

  • Reduced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis;

  • Detoxification through heavy sweating and improved overall body metabolism.


It is very common for Eastern Europeans to use Banya and steam body massage with Venik as a remedy against early stages of cold sickness, running nose, coughing and flu. It is often said that “Banya heals everything”.


Our Banya Services

Indulge yourself and bring your friends for a day of natural sauna therapies that reinvigorate your body and mind. Whether you wish to recharge after long hike, bike riding, that marathon training or simply because you like sauna, we will help you to feel born again the Eastern European way!


We are available for individual and group bookings:


Individual one-on-one

Sauna therapy that is focused on you (normalizing energy flow, physical and mental relaxation, muscles recovery after sport training and more). It runs for about 2.5 hours.

Two of you (booking for 2 people)

It includes group therapies and one-on-one sessions for each of you (similar to option #1). Duration about 3-4 hours.

Group booking for up to 10 people

Includes group therapies as well as one-on-one individual treatment for up to 6 guests. 



-Belarusian tea and light refreshments for all our therapy sessions.



  • Belarusian Lunch or Dinner (please ask us for the Banya menu)

  • Massage therapy (coming soon)


Please contact us to discuss prices and details.

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