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Vëska Café - Banya Menu

Ancestral Village Cuisine from Belarus

We have a specially designed lunch and dinner menu for sauna guests which compliments sauna relaxation.  Dishes are prepared based on original Belaurisan village recipes and cooking principles.

*Please pre-order from our Banya menu at least 3 days in advance of your sauna therapy.

Our Cooking Principles

Only good fats and oils are used: butter, lard, extra virgin olive oil and similar. No margarine, seed or vegetable oils are used in our kitchen.

Most of the ingredients are simple whole foods without external processing or additives.

We source our ingredients locally where possible.

We only use non-toxic cookware, such as cast iron and stainless steel.

As most dishes are freshly cooked on order, wait times may exceed your expectations.  Please keep this in mind if you have a tight schedule.

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