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Ivan Tea - Fermented Rosebay Willowherb

Fermented Rosebay Willowherb (Ivan tea) is hand rolled to small balls to better preserve its taste and aroma. The tea can be brewed multiple times.


Ivan tea is a traditional tea of Eastern Europe with documented mentioning goes as far as 12th century. Ancient Slavic worriers used to drink it before battles to keep themselves calm and alert at the same time.


Ivan Tea has great taste and full on health benefits:

 - Contains NO caffeine and good to drink at night time or just before going to bed

- Rich in vitamin C

- Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities

- Improves function of digestive and immune systems

- Due to analgesic and sedative effect it is also used for insomnia treatment.


It is made of Rosebay Willowherb which is a wild growing plant and, therefore, contains no agricultural pesticides or chemicals. 

Belarusian families, that we source Ivan Tea from, collect it from the heart of forests and other wild places they know clean from agricultural pollution.


Price: $15 per 30g (not including postage)


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Ivan Tea - Fermented Rosebay Willowherb

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