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If you need extra protection for your ears and head this sauna hat is a good choice. Long covering goes further to your ears than usual sauna hats.


The main purpose of a sauna hat is to protect your head from feeling overheated.  Temperatures in sauna may vary from 80 to above 100 degrees Celsius, depending on the sauna type.  In such extreme heat, your head is most exposed as the head heats up faster than the rest of the body. 


This may be one of the reasons why some people can barely make it inside the sauna for more than a few minutes before having to cool off.  The advantage of sauna hats allows you to remain longer in the sauna and maximise benefits of using it. 


The sauna hat also protects your hair from being damaged due to over-drying and becoming brittle.


So, what are they made of?


Our sauna hats are made of felt or wool (the original material of sauna hats).  These materials are great insulators and keeps the air inside at a constant temperature around your head.


Our sauna hats are locally made in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.


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