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Welcome to Vëska By The Lake


Vëska (Веска) in Belarusian language means "village". It was the original way for local people to live in small communities where they were free, owned the land they lived on and cared for it. Since the introduction of nations and governments, this lifestyle have almost been lost and only small remnants of it still exist in Belarus (and other countries across the world).

One of the many essential elements of village lifestyle in Belarus is wood-fired sauna, called "Banya". Its essential healing properties were well understood and used to reinvigorate the human body and mind on a regular basis.

Vëska By The Lake brings traditional ancestral Belarusian village style cuisine and Eastern European sauna "Banya" therapies to Australia.

We offer:

  • Cafe with ancestral Belarusian village style cuisine

  • Gift shop with natural and handmade products

  • Personal and group sauna therapies (by appointment only)

  • Regular social sauna sessions (by appointment only)

We are located in Pemberton, in the beautiful Southwest of Western Australia.

Our address: 174 Browns Road, Pemberton


"Banya heals everything"

Old Wisdom

About Us

​At Vëska By The Lake, we believe in healing power of Banya, sustainable living on the land and social connections. Our mission is to promote authentic natural remedies, natural movement exercise and good food as part of everyone's lifestyle.

Our co-creator from Belarus possesses first-hand experience with authentic Eastern European saunas and is happy to share his knowledge with you. He is also a passionate cook, fitness professional, experienced in natural movement training, cold adaptation, natural food and holistic lifestyle choices.

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