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Cold training and lifestyle principles by Porfiry Ivanov

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

It is a not well-known fact in the western world but before Wim Hoff developed his famous method of cold training there was one Russian who created a system of body and mind hardening as part of the broader lifestyle principles that can help everyone to live life healthy without medications. Cold training was one of the key elements in his system.

His name was Porfiry Ivanov (1898 – 1983). In his system, which he called "Child", he emphasized that every person is child of nature. We all can improve health, recover from disease, consciously learn to control our body and emotions. In his view, the only obstacle to healthy life was poor willpower.

His method of healing not only provides the hardening of the body against cold, it also leads to awakening and development of the internal mechanisms of our body's defence systems. Porfiry Ivanov was confident that with regular practice, each person is able not only to prevent, but also to win any disease, regardless of the reason.

In a course of several blogs I will translate and publish some of his well-known thoughts on his system. It deserves to be known, discussed and followed.

Here the introduction and 12 lifestyle principles by Porfiry Ivanov.


I would like to share my idea. It came to me with cold training. I was experiencing cold to train myself. I had to practice to understand Nature as it’s necessary for human life. It (“Nature”) needs to become useful instead of being harmful… We burn fast in Nature because of our lack of understanding. We die. I am looking for those qualities in Nature… I test myself in cold and bad, for that I receive energy and feel good for my health, which I would like to transfer especially to future young people.

12 Lifestyle Principles

1. For everything to be good, twice a day bathe in cold natural water: in the river, a lake, bath tub, shower or pour in cold water from a bucket. Always finish hot bath with cold. Those are your conditions.

2. Before bathing or after it, but better together with it (if possible) go out in nature with your bare feet on the ground, and in the winter – on the snow, for at least 1-2 minutes. Breathe fresh air through your mouth and wish health to yourself and to all the people.

3. Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol.

4. At least once a week, try to completely go without food and water, preferably from 6pm – 8pm Friday to 12:00 Sunday. This is your achievement and peace of mind. If this is too difficult, then at least a day.

5. On Sunday 12 pm go out barefoot in nature, breathe as mentioned above and wish everyone good health. This is your celebration. Then you can eat everything you like.

6. Love nature that surrounds you. Do not spit around and do not spit anything out of yourself. Get used to that. For this is your health.

7. Greet everyone and everywhere, especially old people. If you wish to have good health say hello to everyone.

8. Help people with everything you can especially poor, sick, unjust, and those in need. Do it with joy. Respond with your soul and heart to their needs. You will gain a friend and help the world.

9. Win laziness, greed, complacency, fear, hypocrisy, and pride in yourself. Love people and trust them. Do not speak about them unfairly and do not take to heart bad opinions about them.

10. Liberate your mind from thoughts of ailments, diseases and death. This is your victory.

11. Do not separate thought from action. To read is good, but most importantly - action it!

12. Tell and pass the experience of this way, but do not boast about it and do not rise. Be humble. Wish you happiness and good health.

To be continued...

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