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Lifestyle Eating Tip#1

Tiny Banya and Vëska of Health connect you with healthy, natural lifestyle. Food is an important part of our vision of such healthy lifestyle. I also often being asked “what is your healthy diet”. So, I decided to put together some high-level tips on eating and explain how I see it.

No "Diet". Lifestyle Eating instead

I don't normally use word "diet" when describing what and how to eat. Instead, it all comes to a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain based on your personal circumstances. "Diet" often means specifically designed food menu to fix a particular health issue. It is prescribed by your health professional for a particular period of time. It is narrow, inflexible and in most cases does not make you feel happy.

While “healthy eating” in my mind has no word “healthy” but it is a part of overall lifestyle choices that you can adopt to live life as naturally as possible. That’s why I call it “Lifestyle Eating”.

Unfortunately, most people of our time lost connection with their ancestor’s food traditions (which was very much linked to their lifestyle and the land they lived on), own instincts and, therefore, require guidelines from all sorts of professionals and shop marketing to tell them what to eat. We will talk about this later.

For now, please bear in mind that our health, body and mind are all interconnected through one thing which is called “Lifestyle”. You cannot just separate one aspect of your life and leave the rest unchanged if you want to be truly healthy. It is also important to know that if you do it as part of your lifestyle you "do it without thinking". It is how a true you is making decisions subconsciously. You cannot have this with the "diet" approach when someone tells you what to eat, when, and how much.

So, no "diet", no calories, no restrictions. Instead, use your "true you" and the whole lifestyle view.

More tips will follow. Please leave your feedback or ask questions.


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