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Lifestyle Eating tip#3 – Generation Knowledge

It is unfortunate but currently we are living in a world of brainwashing marketing, guidelines, scientific studies, health gurus etc….

It was a different story some generations ago. Those days, you would acquire all you need to know about food from your parents and grandparent. That knowledge was very much connected to the land where you live, your roots, traditions, natural resources availability and seasons. Your ancestors used to obtain their awareness from their parents and grandparent. That knowledge transfer was continued for many thousand years. This line of intergenerational wisdom was essential part of survival and your own identity. Unfortunately, it does not exist anymore in Western world countries.

People lost connection with their land and intergenerational knowledge. We became very mobile as well. We do not connect to a certain place anymore. Growing own food is not rewarding financially and, therefore, makes no sense for many of us.

On the other hand, our food became very mobile too. Now it can come from any part of the world. Often it is taken out of context of l

ocal traditions. Seasonality disappeared. We expect the same variety of food to be available in a shop all year round. We became flooded with food choices from all over the world and lost our own identity. This is not exactly what we need to be healthy.

Marketing, guidelines and nutritional specialists appear to fill the void of intergenerational wisdom to steer our decisions of what and how to eat. They tell us how many proteins, carbs and calories we should eat or whether to be vegetarian or not. A thing that was not heard of before. Because food is not just basic chemical content and never been. We do not just eat proteins when we eat meat. A piece of meat would have a lot more nutrients than just simple proteins.

In my view, good food is not possible without being local, home produced and based on local culture of people who live connected to their land. It is cultural, emotional, part of our identity and we need to put own energy to have it on a table.

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