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My Cold Training (by Porfiry Ivanov)

“Adverse and cold make a man live forever, while warm and comfortable make him to die.”

(Translated from Russian by Aleg)

We need to learn how to live to prevent colds and other illnesses. Life is the most beautiful thing and everything good and beautiful in a human cannot be think of without human’s health.

It is a great happiness to be healthy. Is it normal in us – the shortness of human life? And even then, it is spent being sick. A human needs to fight for good health and extension of longevity. Instead, we learned how to lose our health easily and shorten our lives with what we do.

I started studding the reasons preventing our good health. Why a human lives and then dies? Nature gave me a hint: people live, use their rights and eat and wear clothes and live in houses while in fact they are dying. People live in a dead, fictional environment. Instead, they need to live in nature i.e. air, water and land. Our life depends on land, water, air. Land gives us soil, brings abundance of harvest. All that we sell around, and we buy what we allowed by law.

All people that live in the world work and self-protect in art, self-satisfy chemically in hand-made product, and, as a product, wear themselves out in it. They do it for a reason to lose themselves in product, because product, no matter how influential it is, is harmful for health. But there is no life for a human without certain products. That is why a man went on a harmful path, started changing land, killing animal, force animal to help man with its strength and also feed man with its body. This is the killing side of human life. We started this life ourselves, started eating till full satisfaction, put on clothes till full warmth, and live in a house with all conveniences. We, people of old character, did not want to be valuable for human’s life, turned away from the road we were supposed to be on goin directly to the main goal. That was a mistake.

We all have own flaws, we are sick. When a man is sick, he has a flaw, lethal flaw. Look around how you live. You are surrounded by everything dead, you are dead too. Walls around are all dead, windows do not let air in. We need to refuse what we are doing, and instead do what we all need to do. To be a new man out of that, not a sick man, we need to cold train yourself, work on yourself, take care for yourself, and don’t forget about others. A new man with trained strength will not need anything, anywhere, ever. Then you can say to everyone that I, a man, became independent.

By taking care of yourself a man takes his health back. All that I tried on myself personally. Each human wants to live. So, here is a task for you: continue living, preserve health till old years. I found such source in Nature.

I have one advice for all which you need to fulfil verbally and by taking care for yourself. Nowadays, none is brave enough to approach cold training in full to develop new quality which brings benefits to human’s life. Only one man, our Russian down to Earth man, Ivanov Porfiry Korneevich practically conquered his own body’s cold training and strength of mind from Nature. My work is not my idea. My body is looking for a new path and not the one that all of our predecessors had to go on and lost their personal health.

Ever since 1933 I met with my Idea and started cold training in order to learn from Nature how NOT to get sick. I started this to test all Nature conditions on myself. I didn’t take anything up from ceiling, I was reading Engels and Karl Marx’ “Capital”, took Lenin’s essays about Nature, and, which is most important, I learned our native medicine. I was listening to lectures about harmfulness of tobacco and wine, specifically read the work by President of Science Academy Bogomolcev’s about life longevity, which he considered to be 150 years. I also read work of Sarkisov.

Ivanov does not hide with his idea, he wants to pass it to you. Your goal is to hold on to this subject of preserving and improving lives of people because there has never been the struggle for human’s longevity before. Everyone needs to support this, especially young people. Because we all hope for luck: there will be day and the will be food – Nature will give us it all. While in Nature, either God gives or your work, most likely work. And we all think and work differently. Whatever we build, whatever we aim, our path aims to coffin. But there is another way, another road to life, road to health.

First of all, cold training with cold water has huge benefits. This is awakening of the central immune system. You need to bath in cold water twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Got up out of your bed and, first of all, start with cold water – swim, bath. Only after that you can approach your work. Same in the evening. Wake up all the people with my Ivanov’s advice! This is basic, natural medicine, the way to take care for yourself. Water is alive, natural, it helps to create warmth inside your body. It gives us everything, it helps us to be wise.

Secondly, we are all equal people in Nature. Therefore, we should respect each other. When you walk on a path, meet other people that you don’t know, especially old ones, we should politely greet them. We should be polite with our behaviour towards all people around, greet them. What do we achieve with it? With our words we are awakening strangers, so that they know they are not forgotten, they are wished to live longer. For our good deeds we will receive good from Nature. You give it away today and you live on it tomorrow.

Thirdly, because of our unawareness our lives flow uneven between us, many of us have this flaw. We see it from aside but we do not help those in need, the poor. This is his sickens. We need to be aware of people in need and understand them. We need to help them and say: ‘I help this man so that I will have good too’. And then you give without any judgement. For that good you made you will not be punished by Nature, you will receive only good.

Fourthly, we got used to eat with greed, as much as we can, better, we got used to oversupply of food. While Ivanov found ways in Nature to consciously stay without food and water for 42 hours to give rest to stomach, and to give rest to the whole body. It is a selected time from Saturday till Sunday 12 pm. This time is empty. Use this rest time consciously. When you finally need to sit down to eat, before doing so, you should go out to the backyard with bare foot on the ground, raise your face up and inhale air to full extent through your larynx, up from the top of atmosphere.

The air falls from the high. You must swallow it and if you trust this teaching, then ask me as a Teacher: ‘Teacher, give me health’. All the strength is in inhale and exhale. In the air surrounding man there is food – it is ether which moves in air and penetrating through human’s body. This is live condition for life. The Teacher found it practically how we should inhale through larynx and pull it in until can’t do more, as if you have eaten to full. You feel so good inside after that! This is one million’s dose of nutrition. Nature especially good at helping a man when he does not eat.

This inhaling exercise helps body, improves nutritional exchange. Air contains life energy in the interest of longevity: it refreshes the lungs, helps cleansing with clear fresh air. Water and Air. I come out to the yard barefoot, just underpants only, raise my head and ask Nature to give me strength to receive sickness free life. The Earth, you know, is electricity, magneto. The Earth surrounded us with electricity, keeps us on our legs. The Earth is alive electricity that you can walk on with your bare feet…”

“.. Fifthly, do not spit. I also add, do not drink vodka and do not smoke…..”

“..You, like all other people, were born for life, to live but our naughty behaviour in Nature made us all to die. This is our biggest unawareness. None of us do anything so that in the process of life we can receive easy and long life. While a cold trained man can stay without food, clothes and house in any natural disaster. Only through cold training a man learned how to achieve everything in Nature with own strength, so that Nature preserve man’s health in natural order.

Adverse and cold make a man live forever, while warm and comfortable make him die. Dependent part dies in Nature, while independent lives forever. Independent part is confident that own strength will stay forever. It does not believe in (“own”) reserves of any kind, while thinks and hopes for the support of the whole surrounding atmosphere of the whole Nature, which is the strength. It does not believe in any Gods, it believes in human’s body and confident that a man taught himself and others how not to get sick and preventively protect himself. We need to be together with Nature and preserve this natural connection all the time. We need to love Nature without anger and winging: one time is good the other time is bad. Everything will be good. Man will not be harmful for Nature as well as Nature for man. There will be no fight between them for survival, who wins. Instead, there will be friendship in love, and preservation of each other. People will love each other, there will be no war. This is what we will achieve in Nature. Prisons and hospitals will disappear. ….”

“..I will turn 85 years soon. 50 out of them I gave to practically search for ways of healthy life. For that I tested on myself different, especially hash ones, qualities of nature on daily basis. I am full of wiliness to pass on this knowledge to young generation and all the people. This is my present to them. If possible please post my advices in magazines and papers.

Sincerely yours,

Ivanov Porfiry Korneevich”

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